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About Us

We are a professional and a progressive team


Our mission


Through our long experience from Sri Lanka we offer Swedish healthcare organisations

suport our partnership to start up elderly care in Sri Laka


Through Swedish and International knowledge and experience we deliver

high quality education for Healtcare organisationm in Sri Lanka.


We tailormade educations and training programs true best practice provided to Elderly Care facilities; hospital, nursing homes, home care groups, care givers, volunteers and relatives.

Cecilia Riddebäck Garcia

Co-Founder & Senior Partner


Cecilia Riddebäck Garcia has during her lifetime worked in the Health Care sector for 8 years under various titles; including Nurse Assistant and as a Psychiatric Aide for children and young people with neuropsychiatric diagnoses.

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Why Andromeda Care solution?


With modern Swedish and International best practice, knowledge and

experience we suport Health Care Organizations in Sri Lanka.


* We provide consultancy service and traningprogram in the field Elderly Care


Consultancy service regarding:

How to plan for Elderly Homes, Home Care Teams, build teams and good managemenent

How to create and initiate Home Care Teams for Advanced Health Care and Palliative Care

How to educate and facilitate care givers for daily health care and attention in the home


Education and Training program regarding:

The normal aging

Dementia Care

Palliative Care




About the Andromeda Care Team

In the year 2012 the Development Manager Christina Riddeback and Cecilia Riddeback Garcia with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work, started a private business in Sri Lanka called Andromeda Care Solutions Ltd.

As a team we have obtained 45 years of experience in the field of modern Scandinavian Health Care. Scandinavian Health Care is known for its best practice through updated knowledge and education by continuous research and evidence based measures within its field. Another well-known factor is the patient focus as well as engaging the relatives.

Our mission is to support Health Care Organisations in Sri Lanka to achieve the goal of producing high quality care and developed knowledge provided by committed care givers


The business model is knowledge transfering. In order to transfer knowledge, tools as pedagogic methods and retoric skills with the aim to engage and inspire your employes are needed.


As a Team we have high comptence, needed skills and an extensive background for this mission.

We also have an adeqvate international Advisory board with long experienced understanding of the local context, with the purpose of providing support and guide lines.


It is an important factor to consider and realize the cultural aspects, especially when working with patients and their primary support system consisting of children and relatives in sensitive matters regarding terminal and/or states of permanent illness. With this stated, professional secrecy and confidentiality is also practiced.

Hereby, it is of great importence to reconize that overall view in Sri Lanka have another cultural way of solving tasks and the owners do belive that their 30 years of interacting experience with people in the country can be of large complementary value.

Christina Riddebäck

Co-Founder & Senior Partner


Christina Riddebäck has during her lifetime worked in the health sector under various titles including Primary Care Director, Project Manager, Development Strategist, Department Director, Head of Unit and Development Manager.

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Andromeda Care Solution Ltd.

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